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Epiphanie & Galette des rois

This month, we will have a dessert which represents a big tradition in France:

La Galette des rois is traditionally served on the day of the Epiphany. In the Galette is hidden a little token, “fève” (like the six pence in the Christmas pudding). The person who finds the “fève”, is king or queen for the day. This person gets a paper crown, and could choose his/hers king or queen. It’s really festive, and even the real kings like Louis the Fourteenth use to “draw the king” at the court.


The tradition is really ancient and could certainly come from the Wise men, finding Jesus Christ. it use to be a real bean in the cake, but since the 18th century it is a china figure. Nowaday, it could be anything from a traditional character from the Nativity to a character from a famous movie (this year in France, there was Minions, Frozen or Ratatouille in the Galettes…)










In the North part of France, the galette is made of an almond cream hidden in puff pastry, but in the South, it’s a brioche. In the last few years, bakers have been original, with chocolate, pistachio, pear or apple, but we will remain traditional with almond.

Brioches des rois and galettes des rois

Brioches des rois and galettes des rois