Evening Menu (October-November 2016)


Soupe à L’Oignon

Traditional French Style soup with Gruyère topped crouton £ 4.50


Leek and Potato soup in white sauce £ 4.50



Open style Sandwich of Roquefort, Chesnut nushrooms, walnuts and gruyère £ 4.95

Tartelette au chèvre

Goat Cheese and caramelized red onion Tartlet, served with salad £ 4.95

Chicken Liver salad

A warm salad with chicken liver, smoked lardon, blood orange and pistachio £ 4.95

Moules Marinières

Traditional dish of mussels, white wine, garlic, onion and cream

Starter £ 6.95

Main £ 10.95

Main Course

Lamb Shank

slow cooked, then roasted in a Red currant, rosemary, garlic and red wine served on a whole grain mustard mash.

£ 15.95

Cordon Bleu

Chicken suprème butterflied and filled with Ham, cream cheese and herbs in bread crumbs, served with sauce Provencale and sautées potatoes.

£ 12.95

Canard à L’Orange

Pan seared duck breast with a red wine and Grand-Marnier orange sauce, served with new potatoes and French Beans

£ 14.95

Seabass with crab risotto

Pan serared seabass served with a creamy crab rissoto and lemon butter drizzle

£ 14.95

Bouchée à la Reine et sa Ratatouille

A vegetarian dish comprising puff pastry with a medley of vegetables and accompanied by ratatouille and potatoes of your choice

£ 9.95


Cheese Board

A selection of French cheeses served with a garnish of salad and bread

£ 6.95

Baked Camembert

Oven Baked Rustique Camemberd served with bread

£ 5.95


A selection of cakes, tartes, macarons, crèmes brulées …

See the counter for availability

Sides & Extras

Mixed salad bowl £ 2.50

Mixed vegetables £ 1.75

Sautées potatoes £ 2.25

New potatoes £ 1.75

Mustard Mash £ 2.25

Bread roll & butter £ 1.00

Garlic Bread £ 2.00