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3 thoughts on “Find us

  1. Are you able to do vegan options? Our group of 7 are interested in afternoon tea but one lady is vegan and its very important that she has the same experience as the rest of us.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Kath,
      Sorry for the late answer, but I had to talk with the chef.
      We have Vegan options. Café gourmand is difficult, but Stuart could do a set meal for your vegan friends (some salad, stuff mini veg.) obviously, filled croissants, croquet-monsieur can’t be Vegan, and we have a few cakes which are vegan. Hope that Help.
      If you want you could pop at the café to discuss it more in details with Stuart,
      Best regards, Dorothée


  2. I had to spend a long time on your FB, Twitter accounts and then on here to fund where you are! Would be helpful to include your location in e.g. your Twitter bio.
    Now that I’ve found you, looking forward to a visit!


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